Triple Crown Challenge Logo

Like going to Renaissance Faires?

Like winning cool stuff?

Then the Triple Crown Challenge is for you!

The Maine Renaissance Faire has gotten together with the New Hampshire Renaissance Faire and the Vermont Renaissance Faire to bring a unique and exciting adventure quest for their most worthy patrons.

Simply sign up for the Triple Crown Challenge when you visit any one of the three participating Renaissance Faires. The sign up station will be located at the Merchandise Tent at each faire.

It is free and quick to sign up! Fill out the provided form with your name, mailing address, email and Tee Shirt Size (for future prize! Yay!) You will receive your punch card with your first stamp and be off!

Once you are signed up all you have to do if visit each of the other two participating fairs in a 12 month period. Easy peasy and lots of fun too! Don't forget to get your punch card stamped and dated at the Merchandise Tent at each Faire you visit!

Once you fill your card with all three stamps you have completed your quest! Turn in your completed card for a most wonderous prize! Huzzah and well met! 

So.....If you wish to take up the Quest, your first chance approaches! Visit the New Hampshire Renaissance Faire this May! Check them out at: 

You may also start your Quest at the Vermont Renaissance Faire in June! You can find more info here:

You may also start your quest in July at the Maine Renaissance Faire!

We hope you will join us!