Most Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Faire Dates?

For 2020 The Maine Renaissance Faire will be running two weekends. Saturday and Sunday July 18th/19th and the 25th/26th rain or shine. Tickets can be purchased on line, at Dragon Star Creations in Sanford or at the gate.

Where is the Maine Renaissance Faire being held?

The faire will be held at the Acton fairgrounds 550-ME109 Acton, Maine.

What are the Hours?

The parking lot gates will open at 9:00am. We welcome the Queen and the faire commences at 10:00am and ends at 5:30pm.  

How much are tickets?

Ticket prices are as follows: 

Online Early Bird Special Ticket Prices Good till 2/29/2020

  • Adult Early Bird Day $16.00 + 2.00 processing fee
  • Child Early Bird Day - Ages 7-16 - $11.00 + 2.00 processing fee
  • Children 6 and under Free!
  • Seniors Early Bird Day 65+ - $14.00 + 2.00 processing fee
Online Special Ticket Prices from 3/1/2020 thru 4/30/2020 
  • Adult Special Day $17.00 + 2.00 processing fee
  • Child Special Day - Ages 7-16 - $12.00 + 2.00 processing fee
  • Children 6 and under Free!
  • Seniors Special Day 65+ - $15.00 + 2.00 processing fee
Online Regular Ticket Prices from 5/1/2020 thru 7/26/2020 
  • Adult Regular Day $18.00 + 2.00 processing fee
  • Child Regular Day - Ages 7-16 - $13.00 + 2.00 processing fee
  • Children 6 and under Free!
  • Seniors Regular Day 65+ - $16.00 + 2.00 processing fee
Special Package Deals - Available Online Only
  • Adult Weekend Pass (Sat & Sun) $30.00 + 2.00 processing fee
  • Child Weekend Pass - Ages 7-16 - $20.00 + 2.00 processing fee
  • Seniors Weekend Pass 65+ - $26.00 + 2.00 processing fee
Season Pass VIP - Includes all four days - July 18/19 and 25/26
One Price - any age - $50.00 + 2.00
Regular Ticket Prices at the Gate
  • Adult Regular Day $20.00
  • Child Regular Day - Ages 7-16 $15.00
  • Children 6 and under Free!
  • Seniors Regular Day 65+ - $18.00

      How can I purchase tickets?

      Tickets are for sale through our website as well as at the gate. They will also be available to purchase in Sanford at Dragon Star Creations starting March 1st. The website supports all credit and debit cards through PayPal. We are planning on having the ability to take debit and credit at the gate as well as cash.

      What do I present at the gate if I purchase my tickets online?

      When you purchase your tickets online you will be given the option to print your ticket at home or for $.99 they will print and mail them to you. You will recieve an email confirmation. You can also show your ticket on your phone. Your ticket will be scanned at the gate. Weekend pass tickets are good for two days and Season passes are good for all four days.

      What if it rains?

      One of the best things about using the Acton Fairgrounds as our site is that many of the stages and performance areas will be under cover including the jousting field. We have several large building that will have merchants, stages and sitting areas as well. Rain or shine the show will go on!

      If it's super hot, will there be shade?

      As stated above, we have lots of cover and are planning to have covered areas for every stage as well as plenty of places to sit and relax. We are also going to have a misting tent to help cool you down - the "Magical Mystical Tent"!

      Is there camping on site?

      We have just enough camping space for merchants and performers. If by July 1st we think there will be some extra space we will offer it on a first come first served basis. There are several great camping grounds in the area for campers and tenting.

      Are dogs or anxiety animal allowed?

      Due to liability we can only allow service animals at the faire. If you are unsure please contact us so we can evaluate your specific situation. Anyone who brings an animal may be required to sign a release and assumes all responsibility for any injuries or damages that may be caused as a result.

      Are you looking for vendors and merchants?

      YES! If you are interested in being a vendor at The Maine Renaissance Faire please fill out the vendor application. A link can be found on the home page as well as the bottom of the Merchant page.

      Are swords, daggers and other period weapons allowed on site?

      Swords and daggers are allowed as part of you garb but must be peace tied. Axes which have a sharp edge must have a sheath. and be peace tied as well. Any period style firearms must be replica non firing only.

      Am I required/allowed to wear a costume?

      Costumes, aka garb, is not required but definitely makes the faire going experience super fun! Remember that you will want to be comfortable so that you can fully enjoy the faire.

      Will I be able to purchase tickets with my debit/credit card or is it cash only at the gate?

      We are planning on being able to process debit/credit cards at the main gate, however it would be a good idea to also have some cash on hand in case the processing equipment goes down for any reason. There will also be two ATM machines available.

      Are the merchants cash only?

      Every merchant is an independent business so some will certainly take debit/credit cards and some will not. We have one ATM machine scheduled to be on site.

       Will there be any ATMs?

      Yes. We will have two ATMs available. One by the front gate and a second in the Tavern.