At the Maine Renaissance Faire we are scouring the world
seeking only the best and unique of Merchants to offer their wares
to our most worthy patrons.
What treasures await?


Dragon Star Creations

Dragon Star Creations sells a variety of Medieval, Fantasy and New Age Gifts. We have a line of boxes with exclusive artwork by Melanie Huard, hand soldered wands and chalices, leather goods and much more. Sterling silver rings, pendants and earrings as well as beautiful hand cast pewter are just the thing for the stylish Lord or Lady.

Made By Hand Leather

Creating handmade and unique leather crafted items for LARPs, Cosplay, Renaissance Faires or just your everyday person that needs a belt or journal cover. Leather armor, pouches, belts and much more!

Between The Lions Paws

We create quality pen-and-ink art as well as fantasy dolls hand-crafted from New Hampshire wool. Fantasy and Magical themes make our one of a kind wares a special gift.




Charter Oak Leather

From belts to bags, bracers to bodices, Charter Oak Leather is your place to find a huge assortment of finely hand crafted leather gifts and garb!

Faerie Worx Crafts

Making life magical with faerie-inspired crafts! Frames, jars, pendants and more!

Hickory Arms

Our masterly crafted swords are the weight and balance of their metal counterparts without all the inconvenience of losing a limb or severing an artery. Our hickory practice swords give users the experience of the handle and feel of a real sword, engage with favorite swords from the past or fantasy, and gain a new connection for U.S. made swords for fighting groups, demonstrators, and sword lovers.





Crow and Hound

Welcome to Crow and Hound. We specialize in Nordic and Occult wares. Most of our items are sourced by us here in Maine. We take special care to make each item by hand and created to be one of a kind. All items are cleansed and charged to insure you are receiving the highest quality we can provide.

Laughing Hyena Studio

Creator of fine wands, paddles, leather goods, and leather masks. Find something truly magical at Laughing Hyena Studio!

Lord Fafnir & Spawn Psychic Readings

Father-daughter psychics ready to divine your future... or your past. Can read separately or as a team. Psychic readings offered include Tarot Cards, Oracle Cards, Palm Readings, Numerology, Past Lives, Clairvoyance/Clairaudience, I-Ching, and Energy Transfer. We offer readings for couples and children.





Fore Topsail Press

When the raiders from the north appeared off the coast of Ireland they unleashed a terror such as that island had never seen. Award-winning author James L. Nelson tells the tale of Thorgrim Night Wolf and his Viking band as they raid the Irish coast, sometimes plundering, sometime partnering with the Irish kings who fight among themselves for rule of that country. "Reeking of battle, duty, heroism and tragedy...a triumph of imagination and good, taut writing." - Bernard Cornwell, author of The Last Kingdom

MoonDragon Designs

We have a variety of jewelry made with a combination of semi-precious stones, twisted wire, and a little magic! MoonDragon Designs also has a variety of other accessories, such as capes, full length cloaks, flowy shirts, velvet hand bags, jewelry pouches, as well as knit hats, scarves, hand warmers, fabric tarot boxes and much more!

Mystical Inspirations

Creating Mystical inspirations to delight and inspire you. I offer a large variety of handmade wire sculptures and jewelry. Incorporated into my work are many magical stones and crystals. Come be inspired!





Emazanti Creations

Custom clothing for ladies and gentlemen including doublets, pants, tunics, robes, cloaks, capes, caplets, hoods, hats,waist cinchers, chemises, blouses, gowns, skirts Hand beaded jewelry and three dimensional beaded wearable art.

WitchCrafting Company LLC

WitchCrafting Co is a unique handmade company aiming to fill your wonderful witchy needs with jewelry, charms, intention tools, runes, sigils, and more!

Viking WolfCraft

VikingWolfCraft focuses on creating unique, high quality, all natural products made from horn, antler, leather, wood, stone, bone, feather, sinew, rawhide, shell and more. Each item is handcrafted in the traditions and with the focus of Tribal, Viking era (Scandinavian) and Mountain Man style. My name is White Wolf and I’ve strong “Viking”/Scandinavian and Helvetian genetics, and was also raised with deep Native North American/Tribal and Mountain Man influences. I take pride in my ancestry and pour that into my craft.





Vagabond Spun

Vagabond Spun specializes in hand made Brooms and Besoms. Whether your cleansing needs are magickal or mundane, or you're looking for some witchy home decor, Vagabond Spun has a Broom or Besom for you.

Walt-King Sticks and More

Custom made walking sticks and canes fit right to you as you wait. The "More" is just about everything else from Fibre Art Tools, to kitchen ware, feast ware, child-safe knives, wall clocks, and beer mugs!

Adventure Awaits

Adventure Awaits! designs and produces a line of fantastical objects based on traditional folklore, magic and fantasy. A most marvelous menagerie of magical merchandise!





Henna Inspired

Karyn Alzayer is the artist behind Henna Inspired. Since I first began working with it, henna has always drawn me in. Far more than just the artwork, henna is about connections. Beautiful henna for all!

Clockwork Caboodle

Hailing from Old Town, Maine, Clockwork Caboodle provides handmade, one-of-a-kind costume props and accessories, home décor, leather items and other random cool stuff. We specialize in Steampunk, but our creativity cannot be confined to just one genre! We also love Medieval, Renaissance, Fantasy, Viking, Retro Sci-Fi and whatever else happens to spark the fire of inspiration. That thing that you don’t even know you’re looking for? We might just have it!

Gypsy Leea

Gypsy Leea has been fortune telling at Country Fairs throughout New England for many years. She uses many different mediums for her psychic readings including: Tarot Cards, Angel Cards, Oracle Cards, Dream Analysis, Aura, & Rune stones. Come and see what the future holds for you!





The Magical Wand Queen

The Magical Wand Queen hand crafts fun and enchanting wands and holders for witches and wizards of all ages. We also make unique doll cloths and plushies that will bring a smile to any child’s face. Stop by and see what wonderful and fun items we have crafted up!

Tripphammer Blacksmith Shop

Welcome to the blacksmith shop, it is hot, dusty, dangerous and awesome! We make everything by hand with hammer and anvil. Hot iron is a stubborn mistress but even after twenty eight years I look forward to working in the shop every day. TrippHammer has a eclectic mix of products available. The forge will be fired up so stop by and see what we are hammering out!

Tintagles Gate

Tintagels Gate is a Medieval, Magical, and Metaphysical shop located in Athol, Massachusetts. We will be selling all grades of Swords, Daggers, Axes and assorted weapons as well as Medieval, Renaissance and Fantasy accessories and gear. Sharp and pointy items galore!





Antika Nueva

I make handmade soaps, herb salves, refashioned clothing, jewelry, and anything else that takes my fancy. I have two cats and a dog and they're even less help than you would expect...all this from a drafty and much-beloved 100-year-old-farmhouse in New Hampshire. You can find me vending at Renaissance Faires, pagan festivals, and on Etsy and my own domain,

Trans-Continental Brittle Star Scavengers

Brittle Star Scavengers hand crafts a huge variety of fantasy horns for you to wear you’re your in the mood. They make the perfect accessory for Renaissance Faires, Medieval Events, Cosplay or LARP garb. We also carry clothing, crystals, faerie accessories, and more by Brian Laff and Alexa Ciarcia.

Face Painting & Beads

Come and get painted up! Nothing is more fun for the kids. We have tons of fun and fanciful designs to choose from.





Fairie Taylor

The Fairie Taylor is famous for our beautiful handmade cloaks, garb and accessories. Whether you are looking for your first Renaissance Faire outfit, adding to or replacing it, we can help you find just the right thing for you. Stop on by and see our wonderful wares.

Goblin Worx Leather

Goblin Worx Leather Company is a general leather vendor which was started by a renaissance faire playtron, turned actor/stage combat fighter, turned craftsperson. He is a grumpy goblin who got tired of not finding what he wanted in leatherwork and just started designing things for himself, which turned into designing thing for friends, which turned into the booth you see today. As a general leather vendor we try to stock those odds and ends that that can begin or finish anyone garb, we also try to stock items that can be used everyday, like belts purses and wallets. Custom orders are always welcome.

MoonCrazy Fibre Arts

MoonCrazy Fibre Arts provides handmade felted soaps, handspun yarn, and handknit items made from Maine fiber producers, including from our own Angora rabbits and our sheep! We love what we do and hope you will too!





Voltaire Design Studio

Voltaire Design Studio are purveyors of medieval and steampunk clothing, jewelry, and accessories. All corsets and clothes are handmade.

Misfit Styls

Misfit Styls is famous for their custom wood cutting boards, spoons, wall art and wooden earrings. Bringing out the natural beauty of the wood for our wares keeps us designing and creating one of a kind works of art!

The Mad Mailer

The Mad Mailer is known for creating unique custom chainmail Armor, Clothing, Jewelry, and Fun oddities. We love Chainmail! Let us share our joy with you! Stop in and take a look and what new and wonderful metal mail merchandise we have in stock!





4 Maine Reality and The Friendly Skull

Our products are all locally hand made. Unique Gaia Goddess figures, crystals and of course, friendly skulls! See what new and unique creations we have in store for you!

Ancestral French Soaps

Our mission is to provide you with soaps, shampoo and detergents uniquely crafted according to old recipes that bring the Earth first above all concerns. Each soap is unique, and crafted in small batches. We use only high quality ingredients that create an easy biodegradable soap that is sustainable with the least impact on our planet.

Designs by Sparrow

Designs By Sparrow is the amazing work of local Southern Maine artist Kay Sparrow. She is best known for her beautifully crafted pottery. Along with tankards for your ale and bowls for your stew she will enchant you with her drawings & paintings. Stop in and see what wonderful treasures await you.





Imperium Ancient Arts

Imperium Ancient Arts offers authentic ancient artifacts and coins from ancient Greece, Rome, the Near East, Asia and the Medieval world! All items are guaranteed genuine ancient.

Knitting Metal

Knitting Metal offers beautiful pieces of chain mail jewelry, including; earrings, bracelets and necklaces. That such works of art can be created using nothing but rings of metal is beyond amazing, and time consuming! Come and see what intricate designs we have to offer!

The Red Gypsy

When's your birthday? Jill has been passionate about astrology her whole life, and, in conjunction with the Daughter's of the Moon tarot deck she's worked with for over three decades, provides you a unique, individualized perspective with compassionate guidance. Couples welcome!






Keith Willis is the author of the award-winning Knights of Kilbourne books, a series of fantasy / medieval romance novels set in the mythical kingdom of Kilbourne. If you like swashbuckling adventure served up with a helping of romance and a dollop of humor (and topped with a dragon) then these books are for you.

Usborne Books & More

Since 1973, Usborne Books has had a reputation for bringing the most exciting, engaging and educational children’s books to market. They are high quality, innovative and lavishly-illustrated and best of all they are the books kids love to read. Kane Miller (the &More in “Usborne Books & More”) books have come from all over the world to bring a different country, culture or community to children.

Artisan Reiki Center

We offer a rich selection of quality tumbled and rough stone, healing wands, hand made jewelry, spiritual books, Tarot & Oracle cards, incense, metaphysical supplies and various other unique gifts. We provide Reiki, Hot Stone Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy, and Crystal Therapy.





There Was A Star Danced

"There was a star danced, and under that was I born." - Beatrice, "Much Ado About Nothing," Act II, Scene I, William Shakespeare. Continue on the path to "enlightenment" with lovely lanterns and elegant decorations for your home. You deserve beautiful things!

Spiral Path

Life is a journey inward to find the source of the soul. Visit the Spiral Path pavilion for handcrafted jewelry, pagan prayer beads, ritual tools, portable altars, magical wands, whimsical jesters hats and more to help you on your journey.

Epic Studio

Epic Studio uses the latest technology to produce Fantasy Composite Photography! Picture yourself in a Renaissance Movie Poster! Let them take your picture and set you in one of 6 different background scenes. Renaissance Portraits, Individuals or Groups (Costumes provided or use your own!) Order a poster or print Purchase a 5X7 photo printed on site.





The Old Ways at Mustard Seed Farm

At The Olde Ways, we handcraft comforts and remedies, simples and benefits for the health and beauty of the human body as were devised and generally administered in kitchens of old. All of our products are made exclusively from simple, pure, all natural and non- toxic ingredients. The herbs, oils, butters and other ingredients, such as, bees wax, are hand selected and individually made into small batches of sprays, creams, salves, balms, cleansers, etc. to ensure quality.

Irish Crystals

Cynthia Pruce of Irish Crystals has travelled the world seeking out healing crystals, stones, charms, and amulets as well as other uncommon and unusual pieces in order to bring you quality at low prices. She has attended art school and loves creating jewelry that you can wear to work, get togthers, special occassions, and purchase for friends and family.

Embercraft Creations

My name is Marin, and I'm the one-woman force behind the magic of Embercraft Creations. I am a 26 year old leather artist and pagan witch living in Boston, MA. I strive to manifest myths and magic of centuries past into wearable art, carved with runes and symbols of power designed to help the wearer channel their inner intentions. I craft a wide range of magic-infused products, from costume accessories to jewelry to everyday tools, but my unique hand-sculpted leather masks are my specialty. I am completely self taught, and every day I feel I learn a little more. Follow my artistic journey by connecting with me on social media (@EmbercraftCreations on all platforms)


 Here is a list of all our Merchants

4 Maine Realty (M)

Adventure Awaits

Ancestral French Soaps

Artisan Reiki Center for Healing

Between the Lions Paws (set up next to Henna Inspired)

Bold Archery Design

Bonnie Weaver

Catstle Nitor

Charter Oak Leather

Crow and Hound

Dark Arts & Roses

Designs By Sparrow   (M)

Dragon's Nest Designs

Dragon's Whistle Cart

Embercraft Creations

Enchanted Creations

Epic Studio

Faerie Worx Crafts+ Names and Faces

Fairie Taylor

Freak Of Nature CT

Glass Dreams

Glass Paradox

Goblin Worx Leather Co LLC

Gypsy Leea   (L)

Helianthus Hill LLC

Henna Inspired

Herbalist's Apprentice

Hickory Arms

Horney Wench

I am Root

Imperium Ancient Arts

Irish Crystals - 3rd on right

Jewelry by Heather Clark

JoyStar's Story

Jubo Music

Kids Arcanum

Knitting Metal (wants old spot)

Lady Fayline's Fantastickal Faces

Lame Horse Creations/Mother of Dragons

Laughing Hyena Studios

 Loki's Workshop

Lord Fafnir & Spawn Psychic Readings

Lost Boys Leathers

Mad Mailler

Made by Hand Leather

Maine Fairy Hair

Mermaid Lagoon LLC


Misty Isle Cottage

Mooncrazy Fibre Arts

MoonDragon Designs

Mystical Inspirations

Mystique Bazaar Clothing and Accessories

Nutmeg Empire

Olde Ways at Mustard Seed Farm

Paradise Coach

Pixie Palette

PJS Trading

Spiral Path

St. Kilda USA

Sunny fox Apothecary

There Was A Star Danced

Tintagels Gate

Towhee Tes Hut

Tripphammer Blacksmith Shop

Vagabond Spun

Valkyrie Vanguard

Walking Sticks & More

WitchCrafting Company

WitchPirate LLC

Woods Magic




Weekend of July 23/24 Only

InkCap Illustrations

KEE Food Group

Lady M's Shoppe

Old World Ironworks

Spangler Forge

Voltaire Design Studio


Weekend of July 30/31 Only


Standing Stone Designs

Tandy Leather

Third Age Outfitters

Vox Fire Metalworks