For a weary traveler to our shire there needs be only the most savory of fare.
Discover here the food and drink that will not only refresh and sustain
but delight the senses and broaden the waistline.

Your challenge here will be which to choose? Perchance, thou shalt sample them all?


York County Pioneer Club

Savory roasted Turkey Legs with our own special spices and fresh Corn on the Cob.


Grub and Grog Tavern

Get a cold cup of Ale or Mead at our tavern and enjoy the entertainment of the tavern stage while you are there. 


Sanford Lions Club

World famous Lions Burger, Hot Dogs, Steak Subs, Sausage Subs, Popcorn and Cotton Candy! Soda and Water to wash it all down with.


Cucira Dolce

Something for your sweet tooth! Delicious Brownies, Jams and Ice Cream!


Pam & Fam Forkin' Good Grub

Many delictible dishes including: Bulgogi over rice, Bulgogi Bowl, Garbage Fries, Bacon Jam Grilled Cheese, Hot Cheeto Grilled Cheese, Pizza Rolls, Wraps, Smoothies and Fried Dough!


Red Neck BBQ

BBQ at it's best! Ribs and Pulled Port with Mac & Cheese, Scotch Eggs, Armadillo Eggs, Dragon Eggs and Dragon Tongue! Not sure what that is? Come and find out!

Spud Truck

We are hot for potatoes! We offer Baked Potatoes, Tater Tots, French Fries, Poutine, Sweet Fries and Ribbon Fries.

Chuck Wagon Old Fashioned Soda

Old fashioned soda, root beer, cream soda and more!

Totally Nutz

Old Fresh onsite cinnamon glazed almonds, pecans and cashews. Homemade iced cold brew coffee, fruit infused water and bottled water.


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