The Maine Renaissance Faire presents shows and spectacles to thrill and enchant! Come witness the excitement of the Joust and Live Steel Combat! Thrill to danger and fire shows! Join in the fun and music! All these and more await the daring at heart.


RoundTable Jousting

RoundTable Jousting offers the finest professional entertainment available. Traveling the country to bring the thrill of the joust to audiences of all ages. Watch as two knights battle to become the Queen's champion. RoundTable Jousting delivers an action packed performance full of laughs and surprises!

Kate Hopkins

as Queen Elizabeth

We are thrilled to announce that Kate will once again reign as our beloved queen. RoundTable Productions will direct a cast of characters that will surly bring the Maine Renaissance Faire to life once again. Long live the Queen!

Sheriff Bracken’s

Trial & Dunke Show

The trial and dunke is one of our favorite shows. As you visit the Faire make sure you don’t run afoul of the law. Justice is swift, and wet!



Aaron Bonk

Fire Whips & Swords Show

Get Bonked! Aaron Bonk is a 4-time Guinness World Record setter, 3-time International Performance Champion, and a unique entertainer with a twisted sense of humor who risks his life to make ‘em laugh. With original artistry, extraordinary skill and crazy personality, he delivers the laughter and awe of a truly world-class performance. ONE WEEKEND ONLY! JULY 27/28!

Baechtold & Abel

Leah and Molly are two talented circus performers who have joined forces to create dynamic duo acts on trapeze, silks, the cube and other innovative apparatus. Their expertise in aerial acrobatics combined with their alluring stage presence makes for dazzling shows, guaranteed to captivate the audience. With their feats of strength, balletic choreography, and death-defying acrobatics, these two will deliver a captivating show.

Hey Nunnie Nunnie

Peals of laughter ring like convent bells as the unconventional Mother Redempta and the mischevious ukele-wielding Sister Philomena Claire take the stage in a dazzling display of improvisational and comedic escapades. Cracking jokes, singing songs, and "counseling" audience members, these two larger than life characters create an environment of hilarity that is sure to please.



The Flaming Ginger

The Flaming Ginger combines comedy, juggling, and uncommon balance to entertain audiences of all ages. Jon Norton "The Flaming Ginger is a self contained circus style performer with a wild wit, he brings his own special style to the Maine Renaissance Faire!

Washing Well


Help us welcome back our very own Washing Well Wenches for their triumphant return! The funniest pair of "Ladies" that you will ever see. Part vaudeville, part sketch comedy, full-on entertaining, the Washing Well Wenches are a must see! Good clean fun, wet dirty women!

Adamo Ignis

Fire and Danger Show

Come and see the hottest show in the Shire! Adamo Ignis will thrill and amaze you with fire breathing, fire eating and the sensual fire fans dance. Your heart will beat as you witness the danger of the ladder of swords! Christine has been thrilling audiences around the country with her daring feats of fire! Don't get burned....come and fall in love with flame with Adamo Ignis!



Jim Mackenzie

Comedian with Mad Skills

We present for your delight and entertainment, Jim Mackenzie! Comedian with mad skills……or perchance Mad Comedian with skills??? Hard to say, but whichever it is come and see him defy death as he swallows a sword, balances a multitude of objects while being completely unbalanced and plays with fire because he still doesn’t listen to his mother. Jim Mackenzie will have you rolling in the aisles!ONE WEEKEND ONLY! JULY 20/21!

The Gwendolyn Show

Anything can happen in the hilarity of “The Gwendolyn Show”. Highly interactive, and ridiculously silly, Gwendolyn Steele regales audiences with fairy tales and stories in the way that she remembers them…however that ends up being. Shows are fast paced and always different; the audience might be surprised to find themselves an integral part of the show.

Shakespeare Approves

Join your friendly, neighborhood Shakespeare - two-time winner (2018, 2019) of the Renaissance Festival Awards Favorite Child-Friendly Act! - as he takes you on adventures full of merriment: sword fights, mistaken identities, star-cross’d lovers, flying implements of doom, musical numbers, death by fluffy kittens, and … being pursued by a bear.



Chaste Treasure

Chaste Treasure's trio of upperclass ladies bring a unique, tight sound to sassy songs and modern parodies alike. Truly a "treasure" but questionably "chaste" their audience interaction is comical while their tight harmonies mean business. From frolicking drinking songs to sea shanties and original folk tunes, Chaste Treasure has something for every music lover. (PG-13, Adult Humor/Clean Language)

Dame of Drones

Dame of Drones bagpipe band is like no other that you've seen, or heard before! Adding a modern twist to an ancient tradition, this fiery female bagpiper makes music more magical with a mix of fresh frequencies and a passion for piping.

Brotherhood of the Arrow and Sword

The Brotherhood of the Arrow and Sword is dedicated to the presentation and practice of medieval history and Historical European Martial Arts. Witness live steel combat, archery demonstrations and period reenactment.



Teliesin Phoenix Storyteller

Taliesin Phoenix is a bard, seanchaí, bearer of the seven colors: Storyteller. He has collected the great myths and epic poems from across the lands and through all of time brings them here to reveal the lessons, laughs and lyrics that guide the wise in every age. Join him to light the flame and see the StoryPhoenix rise from the ashes again.

Les S. Moore

Comedy Cutpurse

Making the world a better place, 30 court-ordered minutes at a time. Reformed pickpocket, Les S. Moore teaches you the insider tricks dippers use to steal your things, without you even knowing. Les is one of the world’s top stage pickpockets, can perfectly fold a fitted sheet, knows the last four digits of pi, and is a prolific practitioner of prevarication. For laughter and amazement, Les S. Moore.

The Sisters Pendragon

The Sisters Pendragon love to bring classic tales to the streets of the shire, but Penny insists that every story must have dramatic fights to the death while Jenny is adamant that every tale must have a happy ending in which love prevails. Catch “The Hero’s Journey Comedic Improv Show” or “The Deeds of Cù Chulainn Fight Show" and become a part of the fun! And remember… all’s fair in love and war.



Brother Sylvan

the Wandering Bard

You never know when or where you will encounter Brother Sylvan but when you do, you shall know a story, poem or two! Brother Sylvan will enchant and delight with his own original fiction and poetry, for a bard he truly is!


Acrobellum is a family-friendly comedy acrobat show with a message of inclusion and strength in diversity. Filled with people-stacking and hilarious-hijinks, come flip, turn, tumble, bend and stack with all your favorite colors -- Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink and the acrobits, Magenta, and Maroon -- as we bring joy and happiness to your lives.

Guy Todd

Wandering Harpist

You will encounter many wanderers about Yorkshire Village but none as melodious as the marvelous sound of Guy Todd’s Celtic harp. Take a moment to stop and listen as he enchants you with many a magical melody.



Erika the Harpist

Erika Lieberman is a Celtic harpist who plays traditional folk music from Ireland, Scotland, Wales and more, as well as original compositions and arrangements of modern pieces from film, television and video games. Be transported back in time as you listen to Erika weave beautiful melodies into enchanting soundscapes. ONE WEEKEND ONLY! JULY 27/28! Stop by the Pavilion Stage and catch one of Erika's shows while you can!

Misfits of Avalon

Contemporary and Traditional Celtic Music. The Misfits of Avalon are a collaboration between longtime friends Brian Weiland and Max Cohen. They are joined by Brian's son Liam on percussion and cello, and his daughter Avalon on Celtic harp. on the Pavilion Stage!

The Harper and the Minstrel

The Harper and The Minstrel are Jay and Abby Michaels. They play over a dozen traditional instruments specializing in lovely ayres, ballads, jigs, reels, and traditional dance. Their vast repertoire includes unique arrangements of music ranging from Medieval Spain’s thirteenth Century Cantigas de Santa Maria to the tunes of Elizabethan era English Lutenist John Dowland to 17th Century Irish Harper Turlough O’Carolan and much more. ONE WEEKEND ONLY! JULY 20/21



The Longshanks

The Longshanks are a stilt walking, storytelling duo from Brattleboro Vermont. As they wander about the fairgrounds performing to the delight of all, keep a watchful eye and an open ear for stories of wonder and enchantment. Tall tales indeed!

Lords of Adventure

The Lords of Adventure, the Token "Two-Man Comedy Sword Fighting Show, That You Would See at an Outdoor Festival Show" Show!!! These identical twin sword-fighting brothers will teach you to be an adventurer in your daily life!

Ewan the Wandering Wizard

Be amazed! Be enthralled! Be Flabbergasted, as you watch the Amazing James D Macdonald perform spellbinding feats of magic right before your eyes! How does he do it??? It’s Magic!



Thornlily Thistle

The Faery

Thornlily Thistle travels from the faery realm to entertain humans of all ages. A master at the art of faery glamour and shapeshifting! She visits faires, parties, and events to remind you magic exists. So follow your heart, and find your medicine! Oh, and don’t forget to DANCE!


The Shimmynannigans of New Hampshire are a performance troupe behaving, entertaining, collecting commodities and dancing at local renaissance faires.

The Foxy Bard

Good day to you Lords and Ladies, I am David Anthony, The Foxy Bard. I am a wandering minstrel who is best known for singing songs of drunkenness, debauchery, and sheer utter nonsense. That being said I have a very wide range of family friendly songs including traditional Irish folk, medieval and renaissance music, and songs in languages I don't know. Along with my partner, Twig, we shall get your toes tapping and your hands clapping!




The Penniless Jacks

Drinking songs and dancing tunes. The Penniless Jacks want nothing more than to share their passion for music and storied songs with you. The Penniless Jacks will deliver energetic tavern and dancing songs, reels, and shanties that will keep you tapping your feet. and clapping your hands!

LUTE the Living Statue

Behind the porcelain, there is a beautiful soul that exudes softness, grace, and kindness! When prompted to move (by tips and tiny smiling faces!) this statue moves slowly and serenely as though through water. No jump scares or naughty tricks! The very intentional movements are actually infectious, making it easy to catch yourself moving more slowly as well!

Shank Painters

Your favorite sea-farin' scalliwags, The Shank Painters are a sea shanty band from Portland, ME who be blood-bound to rouse yar inner pirate in song! Come and stamp your feet and clap your hands to the exhilarating sound of the Shank Painters!





Off the Mark with the Marx Sisters

The Marx Sisters Crashiopia and Collideope are two farm girls from the town of Bumpkinton, destined for glory as "the greatest jousters never discovered!" There's just one problem. They have no idea what they're doing. The sisters won't let that stop them, though. (That's what sibling rivalry is for!)With the help of their hobby horses Crumble, Fumble, and Farfignugan (The Joust Horses Union) the sisters engage audience volunteers in classic joust games with a safe and clowny twist to prepare for a much anticipated joust. Come and join the fun!


Straumfjordr is a group of Viking History enthusiasts from Exeter, New Hampshire who are dedicated to the study and implementation of the sword and shield fighting techniques of the Viking age. Our method is to perform training exercises while wearing period correct clothing , and when we spar we wear the full ensemble of equipment that would have been worn by a well-equipped Viking fighter. One Weekend Only July 22/23

New For 2024

Stay Tuned!





The Duchess of Yorkshire Pudding

The Duchess comes from a land far away, raised in Lemon Drop Village before she lived in Yorkshire Pudding. She transformed the whole kingdom into a happy place and even tamed a dragon. She will regale you with her tales and keep you entertained with stories and songs.

Temperance Belowe

Heathens Beware! Temperance Belowe, the Renaissance Era's least favorite Puritan, is here to keep you in line. She'll be on the lookout for merry-makers and preaching to the masses, whether they like it or not. Don't let her catch you having fun!

Kate of the Grove

As you stroll the lanes you may encounter Kate of the Grove. A very talented lady that plays a variety of folk/Renaissance tunes on different instruments including the ocarina, an age-old and unique wind instrument and the Renaissance-era recorder. Let her tunes transport you to another time and place.