The Maine Renaissance Faire presents shows and spectacles to thrill and enchant! Come witness the excitement of the Joust and Live Steel Combat! Take part in the living drama that is the Trial and Dunk and revel in the Great Unwashed! All these and more await the daring at heart.

RoundTable Productions

RoundTable Productions offers the finest professional entertainment available, from schools and camps to renaissance faires and cooperate entertainment RoundTable Productions offers a wide variety shows including equestrian jousting, dinner theatre and murder mysteries. See us on Facebook.

Kate Hopkins as Queen Elizabeth

We are thrilled to announce that Kate will once again reign as our beloved queen. RoundTable Productions will direct a cast of characters that will surly bring the Maine Renaissance Faire to life once again. Long live the Queen!

Sheriff Bracken’s Trial & Dunk Show

The trial and dunk is one of our favorite shows. As you visit the Faire make sure you don’t run afoul of the law. Justice is swift, and wet!





The Great Unwashed!

Both famous and Infamous, our mud beggar show is the finest in the land! Witness the antics and drama that is the Great Unwashed, played out before your eyes. The mud is just a bonus! Bring wet naps.

The Penniless Jacks

The Penniless Jacks are charismatic purveyors of pub music. Whether it be centuries-old shanties, boisterous drinking songs, rousing rebel tunes, or ballads of love, The Penniless Jacks will have you singing, clapping, and stamping along to their unique sound and energy.

Misfits of Avalon

Contemporary and Traditional Celtic Music. The Misfits of Avalon are a collaboration between longtime friends Brian Weiland and Max Cohen. They are joined by Brian's son Liam on percussion and cello, and his daughter Avalon on Celtic harp.





Shelli Buttons

Come and see the amazing Shelli Buttons. Fun and feisty, she is packed with mad skill both on the ground and off. Her exhilarating aerial act will have you cheering with delight! Join in the fun as she juggles her way into your heart!

Lord Marshall Laww

With two different shows Lord Marshall Laww will have you rolling in the aisles.

Everyone Dies of the Plague Show!
Lord and Lady Fancipants journey through the darkside of London, beset by beggars and thieves, as they try to avoid the Plague of Rats...Spoiler alert... EVERYBODY DIES! (family show)

Cock & Bull Show!
Lascivious limericks, cock ‘n bull stories, and the hilarious Bawdy Auction. (PG- Adult Humour/Clean Language)

The Washing Well Wenches

A must see experience! The Washing Well Wenches are the funniest pair of “ladies” you’ll ever meet! Part vaudeville, part sketch comedy, full-on entertaining, the Washing Well Wenches make interactive theater fun for everyone! With their wit, campy charm, and persistence these women have an unparalleled ability to engage, entertain, and enlighten audiences!





Myschyffe Managed

Myschyffe Managed is a New Hampshire-based a capella group specializing in medieval and renaissance madrigals. Our goal is to recreate a small part of the musical past for the entertainment and appreciation of the public.

The Brotherhood of the Arrow and Sword

The Brotherhood of the Arrow and Sword is dedicated to the presentation and practice of medieval history and Historical European Martial Arts. Witness live steel combat, archery demonstrations and period reenactment.

The King’s Busketeers

Traditional yet original, part Celtic, part American, all awesome. Born at the Renaissance Faire and coming to blow the roof off your nearest bar. Too nerdy to be cool but too cool to care.




Vermont's O’hAnleigh draws on their ancestral roots and diverse musical talent to entertain audiences with the lively and haunting rhythms of Irish America. Since 2000, their dynamic multi-instrumental performances feature rich, fluid harmonies and an enormous playlist of classic ballads, rousing pub tunes, and original songs and tunes that have garnered noteworthy praise from fans and music critics the world over.


The Shimmynannigans of New Hampshire are a performance troupe behaving, entertaining, collecting commodities and dancing at local renaissance faires.

The Gwendolyn Show

An interactive comedy show – part storytelling, part audience participation, all hilarious! Join Gwendolyn as she regales audiences with her “unique” version of popular fairy tales, attempts to answer andy question the audience throws at ther, figures out what she wants to be when she grows up, and generally learns about life!





Interested in becoming a performer at The Maine Renaissance Faire?

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