The Maine Renaissance Faire presents shows and spectacles to thrill and enchant! Come witness the excitement of the Joust and Live Steel Combat! Take part in the living drama that is the Trial and Dunk and revel in the Great Unwashed! All these and more await the daring at heart.


RoundTable Jousting

RoundTable Jousting offers the finest professional entertainment available. Traveling the country to bring the thrill of the joust to audiences of all ages. Watch as two knights battle to become the Queen's champion. RoundTable Jousting delivers an action packed performance full of laughs and surprises!

Kate Hopkins

as Queen Elizabeth

We are thrilled to announce that Kate will once again reign as our beloved queen. RoundTable Productions will direct a cast of characters that will surly bring the Maine Renaissance Faire to life once again. Long live the Queen!

Sheriff Bracken’s

Trial & Dunke Show

The trial and dunke is one of our favorite shows. As you visit the Faire make sure you don’t run afoul of the law. Justice is swift, and wet!





The Great Unwashed!

Both famous and Infamous, our mud beggar show is the finest in the land! Witness the antics and drama that is the Great Unwashed, played out before your eyes. The mud is just a bonus! Bring wet naps.

The Penniless Jacks

The Penniless Jacks are charismatic purveyors of pub music. Whether it be centuries-old shanties, boisterous drinking songs, rousing rebel tunes, or ballads of love, The Penniless Jacks will have you singing, clapping, and stamping along to their unique sound and energy.

Misfits of Avalon

Contemporary and Traditional Celtic Music. The Misfits of Avalon are a collaboration between longtime friends Brian Weiland and Max Cohen. They are joined by Brian's son Liam on percussion and cello, and his daughter Avalon on Celtic harp.





Aaron Bonk

Fire Whips & Swords Show

Get Bonked! Aaron Bonk is a 4-time Guinness World Record setter, 3-time International Performance Champion, and a unique entertainer with a twisted sense of humor who risks his life to make ‘em laugh. With original artistry, extraordinary skill and crazy personality, he delivers the laughter and awe of a truly world-class performance.

Baechtold & Abel

Leah and Molly are two talented circus performers who have joined forces to create dynamic duo acts on trapeze, silks, the cube and other innovative apparatus. Their expertise in aerial acrobatics combined with their alluring stage presence makes for dazzling shows, guaranteed to captivate the audience. With their feats of strength, balletic choreography, and death-defying acrobatics, these two will deliver a captivating show.

Shank Painters

Your favorite sea-farin' scalliwags, The Shank Painters are a sea shanty band from Portland, ME who be blood-bound to rouse yar inner pirate in song! Come and stamp your feet and clap your hands to the exhilarating sound of the Shank Painters!





Judas and Magnolia

Judas and Magnolia: Daring Escapes is a husband and wife team of award winning escape artists and illusionists. They have years of experience bringing laugh out loud comedy and thrilling suspense to audiences throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, and North Africa. While wrapped in chains, or locked underwater this team will bring you to the edge of your seat.

Adamo Ignis

Fire and Danger Show

Come and see the hottest show in the Shire! Adamo Ignis will thrill and amaze you with fire breathing, fire eating and the sensual fire fans dance. Your heart will beat as you witness the danger of the ladder of swords! Christine has been thrilling audiences around the country with her daring feats of fire! Don't get burned....come and fall in love with flame with Adamo Ignis!

The Graces

If you're looking for a show that's a bit more daring...courtesy of a local work-release program we present THE GRACES! These "Ladies", nay let's call them...a Doxy, a Trollop, and a Wanton, all wantin' to entertain the pants off of you at the Maine Renaissance Faire! At the end of the weekend they will not exactly be run out of town, but a brisk and nimble saunter to the border will occur, just steps ahead of the creditors, a dozen angry wives, and the health department. We encourage you to go see their show and tip them heavily so that we can move them somewhere out of town. So get your shots and go enjoy The Graces! 30,000 sailors can't be wrong!





Myschyffe Managed

Myschyffe Managed is a New Hampshire-based a capella group specializing in medieval and renaissance madrigals. Our goal is to recreate a small part of the musical past for the entertainment and appreciation of the public.

The Brotherhood of the Arrow and Sword

The Brotherhood of the Arrow and Sword is dedicated to the presentation and practice of medieval history and Historical European Martial Arts. Witness live steel combat, archery demonstrations and period reenactment.

The King’s Busketeers

Traditional yet original, part Celtic, part American, all awesome. Born at the Renaissance Faire and coming to blow the roof off your nearest bar. Too nerdy to be cool but too cool to care.



Thornlily Thistle The Faery

Thornlily Thistle is a flower faery from the lands of Galway Ireland. You may spot her roaming the grounds engaging with children and mystic seekers of all ages. She brings the magic and mystery of the faery realm back to life in the hearts of everyone!


The Shimmynannigans of New Hampshire are a performance troupe behaving, entertaining, collecting commodities and dancing at local renaissance faires.

The Gwendolyn Show

An interactive comedy show – part storytelling, part audience participation, all hilarious! Join Gwendolyn as she regales audiences with her “unique” version of popular fairy tales, attempts to answer andy question the audience throws at ther, figures out what she wants to be when she grows up, and generally learns about life!





Brother Sylvan

the Wandering Bard

You never know when or where you will encounter Brother Sylvan but when you do, you shall know a story, poem or two! Brother Sylvan will enchant and delight with his own original fiction and poetry, for a bard he truly is!

Draugar Vinlands

Draugar Vinlands is a reenactment group from Exeter, New Hampshire who are dedicated to the study, implementation, and demonstration Viking age life. From combat to cooking, we cover it all. Come visit our camp, witness Viking combat and try your hand at axe throwing.

Guy Todd

Wandering Harpist

You will encounter many wanders about Yorkshire Village but none as melodious as the marvelous sound of Guy Todd’s Celtic harp. Take a moment to stop and listen as he enchants you with many a magical melody.





Lord Marshall Laww

Comedian Marshall Laww tickles your funny bone with original lewd limericks, lascivious cock ‘n bull stories, and the hilarious Bawdy Auction. Enjoy the sidesplitting antics of a show that is guaranteed to be scandalous! Wink-wink. Nudge-nudge. Know what I mean? Know what I mean? (PG-13, Adult Humor/Clean Language)

Shakespeare Approves

Join your friendly, neighbourhood Shakespeare as he takes you on adventures full of merriment: sword fights, mistaken identities, star-cross’d lovers, flying implements of doom, musical numbers, being pursued by a bear, and ...death by fluffy kittens! The Shakespearean adventures are zany performances shaped to be fun for everyone!

Vixens En Garde

Founded in 2010, the Vixens En Garde is an all-female fight company based out of NYC. We create fun, fast-paced, audience-interactive works that entertain and inspire. We explore Shakespeare’s iconic male roles without needing to impersonate men, but rather with a theatrical style that glorifies the fact that we are smart, powerful, sexy women who love to fight!





The Longshanks

The Longshanks are a stilt walking, storytelling duo from Brattleboro Vermont. As they wander about the fairgrounds performing to the delight of all, keep a watchful eye and an open ear for stories of wonder and enchantment. Tall tales indeed!

The Corr Thieves

Critically acclaimed* and winner of two Oscars*, the Corr Thieves delight* audiences with a one-two punch of action and comedy that’ll leave your belly and face aching from laughter*! The Corr Thieves will steal your hearts*…and your coin if you’re not careful! Don’t miss it!
*possible exaggeration-you’ll have to come see for yourself!

Magician Extraordinaire

James D Macdonald

Be amazed! Be enthralled! Be Flabbergasted, as you watch the Amazing James D Macdonald perform spellbinding feats of magic right before your eyes! How does he do it??? It’s Magic!





Interested in becoming a performer at The Maine Renaissance Faire? 2020 Performer Information and Application Coming Soon!