Come join in the Adventure and Excitement that is the Maine Renaissance Faire!


Beachtold and Able were amoung the many Amazing Performers at our 2019 Faire and will be Returning for 2021!



The Parting Glass, Performed by Misfits of Avalon and featuring images of the many performers at the 2019 Maine Renaissance Faire. 

The Parting Glass, traditional - performed by Misfits of Avalon (Max Cohen & Brian Weiland), New verse written by Max Cohen. Copyright 2014, used with permission. Photography and photo editing by Angela Cook, Studio AC Photography, Faire Photographer Video Production by Caper Video Location of photos in video is Maine Renaissance Faire, Acton Maine


Groups & Performers included in video (in order of appearance): - Misfits of Avalon - Queen Elizabeth - Penniless Jacks - King's Busketeers - Myschyffe Managed - Adamo Ignis - Avalon Sea - Lady of the Isles Bagpipes - Shank Painters - Brethren Order of the Northeast Seas - BONES - Shimmynannigans - Brother Sylvan the Wandering Bard - Guy Todd the Wandering Harpist - RoundTable Productions


Song available on Misfits of Avalon's album Avalon Moon, available at or by emailing Copies of photos included in this video are available for purchase by emailing